The Carleton Laboratory has a rich history of supporting the New York engineering community with specialty testing services. We have served industry in a wide variety of problems, ranging from high-strength manhole cover to full-scale shoring system tests, as well as fatigue testing of suspension bridge wires and monotonic and cyclical concrete masonry block test courses.

The Carleton Laboratory is an Organizational Member of ASTM International. The lab management will be happy to discuss your testing and certification needs with you, especially if the test in question must adhere to a specific industry standard (ASTM, ANSI, AASHTO, SAE, DIN, ISO, etc.). Previously tested standards include but are not limited to:

  • AASHTO: M306, T240, T324, TP63
  • ACI: 355.4, 440.3R
  • ANSI: MH16.1, 77, SC100-5/05, Z359
  • ASTM:
    • A48, A90, A239, A262, A370, A416, A536, A586, A615, A751, A931, A956, A1034, A1061
    • B117
    • C39, C67, C140, C301, C469, C473, C666, C881, C882, C884, C900, C1028, C1314, C1354, C1512, C1551, C1587, C1609
    • D570, D638, D648, D695, D2084, D2556, D2584, D3039, D3171, D4327, D5117, D7205, D7264, D7617, D7705
    • E4, E8, E23, E83, E112, E165, E228, E322, E350, E415, E488, E1058, E1085, E1512, E1820, E1922
    • F606, F1055, F2192
    • G77, G176
  • AREMA: CH‐30
  • CI: 1500, 2100
  • ISO: 2417, 3690
  • ITM: 1019, 1059
  • MIL‐STD: 2159
  • NCHRP: Report 531
  • NASM: 1312
  • NYCBC: 615, 1713, 1714
  • NY: 709
  • MTA, NYCDOT, NYCBC Prequalified Testing Laboratory

The laboratory also specializes in vibration monitoring, system identification, and damage detection, both in-house as well as in field-testing applications. Over the years, the Carleton Laboratory has partaken in investigations of the majority of the bridges in the greater New York City area.

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