How to Apply for Access


Undergraduate students may apply for daytime access while graduate students and research staff may apply for 24/7 access; the following requirements must be fulfilled:

  1. Legitimate academic need to use laboratory.
  2. Faculty liaison:
    1. All students must have a faculty advisor/sponsor
    2. All student groups must have a faculty advisor/sponsor and a student-lab liaison
  3. Safety Trainings – all students must obtain the necessary trainings/certifications and save the PDF certificates generated by the RASCAL system.
    1. Carleton Laboratory Site-Specific Training - online training required for all levels of access.
    2. Machine Shop Safety Training - online training required for all levels of access
    3. Laboratory Safety/Chemical Hygiene/Hazardous Waste/Laboratory Fire Safety Training - class required for Research level access
    4. Certificate of Fitness (C-14) - class required for all researchers requesting access outside of laboratory business hours. Students using only office space within the laboratory (marked blue) must not obtain a certificate of fitness but are strictly limited to these spaces outside of laboratory operating hours.
  4. Access Application - fill out online application for appropriate level of access, uploading the training certificates, as necessary
  5. Carleton sticker - finalize your application by visiting the Carleton Lab management office in person and obtaining a lab safety sticker. Your request is considered approved once you have received your sticker, and your profile will be updated with Public Safety.

All student access permissions rescind on 31 May of every year. The "Extend Access" form may be submitted at any time during a current month of May to provide a seamless extension of access for the following year. All access applications submitted and approved during the month of May will automatically carry over unti 31 May of the following year.


Persons not directly affiliated with the Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics or an interdepartmental research project being conducted in Carleton Lab must register with management upon arrival at the laboratory. Visitors must be under supervision of a Columbia University affiliate at all times while in the laboratory.

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