Concrete Materials Laboratory


The Concrete Materials Laboratory houses equipment and instruments capable of safely producing and testing concrete and other cement-based materials. The Concrete Materials Laboratory contains:

  • Two small, one medium, and one large concrete mixer
  • 3D concrete printing systems
  • Carbon dioxide incubator
  • Fresh property measurement: slump, density, entrained air
  • Aggregate crusher
  • Aggregate drying oven
  • Vibrating consolidation table
  • Sieve shaker
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Analytic scales
  • Concrete saw
  • Laboratory fume hood
  • Exhaust system with HEPA filter

Current research in the Concrete Materials Laboratory involves the characterization and development of advanced cement-based systems. Cement rheology and concrete processing are at the forefront of the research interests.

For further information contact Shiho Kawashima at +1.212.854.2701.

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