Professor Shiho Kawashima wins BRIGE Award

Shiho KawashimaShiho Kawashima, assistant professor of civil engineering and engineering mechanics, won a two-year $171,796 Broadening Participation Research Initiation Grants in Engineering (BRIGE) award from the National Science Foundation, for “BRIGE: Characterizing the Rheological and Microstructural Evolution of Oil Well Cement Slurries under Elevated Temperature and Pressure Conditions.”

She plans to characterize these rheological properties through measuring the dynamic flow properties under large and rapid deformation and the linear viscoelastic properties at rest. An important complement to the rheology will be to monitor changes in the crystalline phases and pore network of the material, which will help provide insight into sealing performance. The experimental methodology Kawashima will develop should improve understanding of the performance of oil well cement slurries during placement, which can help in the development of effective mix design methodologies and models, improve zonal isolation to increase production and safety, and reduce the negative environmental impact of oil well operations.

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