New MTS Criterion Universal Testing Machine Commissioned

3 August 2018


The Carleton Laboratory is pleased to announce the commissioning of a brand new, state-of-the-art electromechanical universal testing machine (UTM) with a maximum load capacity of 7 kips (35 kN). This frame adds new testing capability at lower load ranges, which are becoming increasingly popular with the advent of new materials and miniaturization of parts and systems across many fields of research and development. The frame’s motor drive is built to operate at extremely precise rates, enabling researchers to test flexible materials to high loads and deformations without sacrificing accuracy. Long samples can also be easily tested in this frame, owing to its extended test bay measuring 47 in (1200 mm) in height.

The system is built on a modular control architecture, allowing the easy incorporation of strain, displacement, and other sensors. The system accepts TEDS load cells, enabling users to hot-swap load cells with differing sensitivities and capacities. This capability will allow this machine to be easily adapted to load ranges on the order of ounces (Newtons). As with all universal testing equipment in the Carleton Lab, this frame is NIST-traceable to the latest ASTM standards.

We expect this machine to be very popular for the testing of composites, polymers, and brittle materials in tension, compression, and bending. The frame will be used in a variety of teaching applications ranging from experimental validation of finite element models to engineering mechanics core courses such as Experimental Mechanics of Materials. Effective immediately, this testing machine is available to researchers as shared equipment at a standard nonprofit hourly rate to Columbia students, researchers, and faculty.


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