Netzsch NanoFlash Thermal Diffusivity Analyzer

View of  NanoFlash Thermal Diffusivity Analyzer
View of NanoFlash Thermal Diffusivity Analyzer
Schematic of LFA 447 NanoFlash
Schematic of LFA 447 NanoFlash

Determination of thermophysical properties is quick, easy and cost-effective with the new LFA 447 NanoFlash® Light Flash System. A high-performance Xenon flash lamp takes the place of the laser, which is usually employed for this proven technique.With the integrated sample changer for 4 samples, it is possible to run measurements on several samples automatically. The easily-accessible sample carrier allows short setting periods for test preparation and a high through-put of samples. Unique is the optional scanning device (MTX) for flat samples up to 50 mm x 50 mm for determining differences in the thermal diffusivity over the entire sample surface with a spatial resolution of 100 µm in the x and y directions.


  • Temperature range: RT ... 300°C
  • Xenon-Flash-Lamp 10 J/pulse, (adjustable power)
  • Contactless measurement of temperature rise with IR detector
  • Measuring range: 0.01 mm2/s ... 1000 mm2/s (thermal diffusivity)
  • Measuring range: < 0.1 W/mK ... 2000 W/mK (thermal conductivity)
  • Sample dimensions: 10 mm ... 25.4 mm diameter (also 8x8 mm and 10x10 mm, square) 0.1 mm ... 3 mm thickness
  • Sample support for 4 samples
  • Sample holder: metal
  • Sample holder for liquids: aluminum / platinum
  • Atmospheres: air, static
  • MTX Scanning device for 50 mm x 50 mm samples (RT), local resolution 0.1 mm

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