Instron 5984 34k Universal Testing Machine

Instron 5984 test frame, controller, data acquisition hardware, and presentation/teaching screen.
Test Frame, Controller, and Presentation/Teaching Screen
Detail of pneumatic tension grips loaded with high-strength steel wire.
Pneumatic Tension Grips Loaded with High-Strength Steel Wire

The Instron 5984 30k UTM is a PC-based load and displacement controlled electromechanical testing machine. The state-of-the art control platform Bluehill 3 allows the operator to define, program, and perform both standardized (e.g. ASTM, ANSI, etc.) as well as novel tests. The versatile program environment is tailored to support databasing and auto-reporting of simple as well as highly complex, repetitive testing campaigns.

The machine is capable of both tension and compression loading and is equipped with two testing bays. The bay above the moving crosshead is equipped with automatic pneumatic tension grips, tailored to provide controlled, constant gripping pressures and ergonomics, especially in testing projects with a high sample count. The bay below the moving crosshead is equipped with a 6 in diameter spherical swivel compression platen.


Detail of Visual Extensometer
Detail of Visual Extensometer
  • Model: 5984
  • Load Capacity: 34 kip (150 kN) in tension and compression
  • Control System:
    • Load and Displacement Control
    • Bluehill 3 Controller
  • Compression Platen
  •  Diameter: 6 in (152 mm)
  • Displacement:
    • Minimum Speed: 0.000004 in/min (0.0001 mm/min)
    • Maximum Speed: 30 in/min (762 mm/min)
    • Maximum Load at Full Speed 24.7 kip (110 kN)
    • Maximum Speed at Full Load 15 in/min (381 mm/min)
    • Position Control Resolution 0.2514 μin (0.00639 μm)
  • Clearances:
    • Tension, jaw to jaw: 14 in (256 mm)*
    • Compression, crosshead platen to base: 14 in (356 mm)*
    • Gross vertical test space: 59 in (1500 mm)
    • Lateral clearance, tower to tower: 22.5 in (560 mm)
    • Jaw Width: 3 in (76 mm)
    • Clamping mechanism: Automatic, Pneumatic
  • Calibration/Certification:
    • ASTM E4 on both force transducers
    • ASTM E83 on strain transducers


This machine is maintained by Carleton Laboratory management. To reserve this machine, please fill out the equipment reservation request form at least two business days before your usage slot.

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