Donated Testing Machine is Upgraded to Test Nation's Bridges

10 January 2018


The Carleton Laboratory was fortunate to have a used dynamic load frame donated by the Ingersoll Rand Company, through coordination of the Instron Corporation. Although of 1970’s vintage, the 22k frame and actuator are in excellent condition and complement the current dynamic test machine portfolio of 220k, 100k, and 50k perfectly. The Laboratory’s MTS-based multi-frame architecture makes the addition of another machine to the current system very practicable and financially efficient. The Laboratory recommissioned the machine with a spare MTS FlexTest 40 PID controller and purchased new universal grips.

This machine has since been tasked with a large testing project spearheaded by Professor Raimondo Betti and the staff of the Carleton Laboratory. Professor Betti’s research project has since funded the purchase and installation of a two-zone high-temperature furnace, capable of reaching 1200°C; the furnace is controlled by a fully automated high-fidelity PID feedback temperature controller. The testing system is currently being used by researchers to investigate the effects of fire and mechanical fatigue on the cables of major suspension bridges. Effective immediately, this testing machine is also available to researchers as shared equipment at a standard nonprofit hourly rate to Columbia students, researchers, and faculty.

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