Atlas Solar Simulator

Atlas SolarConstant unit
Atlas SolarConstant unit
K.H. Steuernagel Lichttechnik GmbH Controller
K.H. Steuernagel Lichttechnik GmbH Controller
The Carleton Laboratory solar simulator is a purpose-built room with a temperature-controlled exhaust system, which cools the room by forced-air ventilation. The SolarConstant lamp is mounted to modular tracks located on the ceiling of the chamber. The lamp can be moved and rotated to suit specific testing needs.

The SolarConstant series is a special design to match the requirements of simulated environmental tests with solar radiation. The spectrum of sunlight (so-called Global Radiation) is accurately reproduced allowing reliable system performance decisions to be made. The basic components of the SolarConstant systems are the Radiation Unit, the Power Supply and the Control System.

For the Radiation Source, a special metal halide (MHG) lamp is used. The MHG lamp produces a dense multiline spectrum of the rare earths that is comparable to a continuous spectrum. In combination with special glass filters, MHG lamp systems provide a spectral distribution very close to natural sunlight (Total Radiation as defined by CIE 85). Filters with different characteristic are available for applications other than the accelerated aging of materials test. The combination of lamp, reflector and filter, all a part of the Radiation Unit, offers high irradiance efficiency and a superior spatial uniformity.

To achieve the best performance, the lamps are powered using electronic power supplies. The electronic power supply or EPS-Modul drives the lamp with square-wave current. This reduces the modulation of the radiation to less than +/-1%, controls the intensity and offers a stabilized power output even when incoming (feed) power varies. In addition, it provides the lamp optimal operation conditions, which results in an extended MHG lamp lifetime.


  • Manufacturer: Atlas Material Testing Solutions, Germany
  • Model: SolarConstant Lamp with K.H. Steuernagel Lichttechnik GmbH Controller
    • 2 Sun-Power on 2 m2 (21 ft2)
  • Chamber Size:
    • Floor Area: 73 ft2 (6.67 m2)
    • Height (excluding lamp): 8 ft (2420 mm)
    • Door Clearance: 29” x 76” (737 mm x 1930 mm)
  • Ventilation: Forced-Air System with Thermostat


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