Orton 2010 C Dilatometer

Masterizer 2000 Particle Analyzer and controller.
Orton 2010 C Dilatometer

The Orton dilatometer Model 2010C is a horizontal, digital dilatometer that measures the expansion or contraction of a single test specimen from -190°C to +500°C or RT to 1000°C with on-board, stand-alone, programmable process controller and linear motion measuring head assembly equipped with LVDT sensor.

Operated according to ASTM E-228, ASTM C-372, or ISO 7991


  • Temperature Range: RT to 1,000°C or -190C to 500C
  • Furnace: Split tube style, 12 inch heated zone
  • Thermocouple: Type "N" 2 wire
  • Sample Holder and Probe Rod: Fused Quartz
  • Sample Size (max): 50mm long x 10mm round or square
  • LVDT Displacement Range: ±0.100 inch  (±2.54 mm)
  • Displacement Resolution: 0.0000009 inch or 0.9 micro-inch (0.00002 millimeter or  0.02 microns)
  • PLC Resolution for a 1" Sample: 0.00009%
  • Reproducability Range: ± 0.004 Percent Linear Change
  • Contact Load:  Adjustable - minimum 4 grams
  • Temperature Control: User Programmable, 20-segmet, PID Controller with Melting Point Protection
  • Heating Rate: 1 to 30°C/minute Programmable at 0.01°C increments
  • Data Acquisition: On-board Process controller - data stored at 1°C increments, real-time data collection or data retrieval to computer
  • Data Analysis: Remote programming and analysis Software
  • Computer Interface: RS232 or USB with adapter


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