MTS 22k Dynamic Universal Testing Machine

MTS test frame
MTS Test Frame
MTS FlexTest 40 Controller
MTS FlexTest 40 Controller

The MTS 100 ton universal testing machine boasts a computerized servo-controller that allows the machine to be used in a variety of testing applications. The system may be used for medium-cycle fatigue testing, load control, strain control, and displacement control. The open architecture of the state of the art MTS controller allows the machine to follow complex logic-driven test procedures. The hydraulicly driven crosshead allows the machine to be reconfigured for various tests within minutes.

Secondary Actuator Mounted to a Test Beam Which Is Anchored to the Main Floor
Close up of the Hydraulic Wedge 
Independent Load Frame of Secondary Actuator
MTS 22K Apparatus

The multi-manifold control system allows a 110 kip (500 kN) secondary actuator to be used independently as well as in conjunction with the primary actuator. The secondary actuator can be mounted to the test floor of the laboratory as well as to a reaction frame for transverse/biaxial loading of specimens in the main MTS load frame.


  • Manufacturer: MTS, USA
  • Primary Actuator
    Detail of Oven on 22K Machine
    Detail of Oven on 22K Machine
    • Load Capacity: 22k (1 MN) in tension and compression
  • Control System:  Load, Displacement, and External Strain Servo Control
  • Clearances:
    • Tension, jaw to jaw: 10 ft (3 m)
    • Compression, crosshead platen to base: 10 ft (3 m)
    • Lateral clearance, tower to tower: 27 in (685 mm)
    • Jaw Width: 4 in (100 mm)
    • Clamping mechanism: Hydraulic (active)
  • Grips:
    • Active hydraulic wedge grips with 3,000 psi (206 bar) actuator
    • 55 kip (250 kN) fatigue rated in tension/compression
    • Round capacity: 0.23 to 0.90 in (5.84 to 22.9 mm)
    • Flat capacity: 0 to 0.75 in (0 to 19 mm)
  • Calibration/Certification:
    • ASTM E4 on primary and secondary actuator force transducers
    • ASTM E2309 on primary and secondary actuator displacement transducers
    • ASTM E83 on strain transducers


This machine is maintained by Carleton Laboratory management. To reserve this machine, please fill out the equipment reservation request form at least two business days before your usage slot.

For further information contact Adrian Brügger at +1.212.854.3158.


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