Instron 1500HDX Universal Testing Machine

Instron 1500HDX test frame, controller,and hydraulic power supply.
Test Frame, Controller, and Hydraulic Power Supply
Detail of the open grip faces.
Detail of the Open Grip Faces

The Instron 1500HDX 300k UTM is a load and displacement controlled hydraulic testing machine; the largest machine of this type produced by Instron’s Industrial Products Group. The Bluehill 3 control system allows this machine to fulfill a wide array of duties, ranging from undergraduate and graduate teaching, independent research, doctoral research, to high-volume testing of medium to large-sized high-strength samples. Along with its lower-capacity neighbor, the 1500DX is equipped with a presentation LCD, which allows the machine to display live results of ongoing testing.

The system is designed with dual test spaces for tension, compression, bend, shear, and flexure testing on high strength materials. The open-face crosshead allows for fast and efficient testing of large volumes of tension specimens such as bolts, rebars, and couplers.

Detail of 12" compression plates
Detail of 12" Compression Platens


  • Metals - wire, strip, rod, tube, and plate
  • Fasteners - tensile, proof, single and double shear
  • Construction - reinforcement bar, wire mesh, concrete compression/flex, and structural steel
  • Component testing
  • EN10002-1, ISO 6892, ASTM E8, ASTM C39, ASTM F606, SAE J429, CE Compliant


  • Manufacturer: Instron, USA
  • Model: 1500HDX
  • Load Capacity: 300 kip (1500 kN) in tension and compression
  • Control System:
    • Load and Displacement Control
    • Bluehill 3 Controller
  • Compression Platen Diameter: 12 in (305 mm)
  • Displacement:
    • Maximum Speed: 12 in/min (305 mm/min)
    • Maximum Speed at Full Load: 4.5 in/min (114 mm/min)
    • Actuator Stroke: 12 in (305 mm)
  • Clearances:
    • Tension: 55 in (1397 mm)
    • Compression, crosshead platen to base: 55 in (1397 mm)
    • Lateral clearance, tower to tower: 30 in (762 mm)
    • Clamping mechanism: Hydraulic
  • Grips:
    • Round Capacity: 0.47 to 2.76 in (12 to 70mm)
    • Flat capacity: 1.38 to 2.76 in (35 to 70 mm)
  • Calibration/Certification:
    • ASTM E4 on both force transducers
    • ASTM E83 on strain transducers


This machine is maintained by Carleton Laboratory management. To reserve this machine, please fill out the equipment reservation request form at least two business days before your usage slot.

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