Carleton Laboratory Welcomes Professor Shiho Kawashima


The Carleton Laboratory welcomes Shiho Kawashima to the faculty of the Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics and to the Carleton Laboratory. Shiho Kawashima’s work is in experimental cement and concrete research, which aims to tie nano-/microstructural behavior to macroscale structural response. She specializes in cement rheology, particularly in the development of innovative measurement techniques to further the understanding of the structural and temporal evolution of the fresh-state microstructure of cementitious systems. She is also interested in nanocomposites, including the integration of nanomodification with the use of supplementary cementitious materials to aid in the design of sustainable infrastructural materials.

Shiho Kawashima received her Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from Northwestern, having returned to her undergraduate alma mater to engage in her research on the rheological behavior and fresh-state microstructure of concrete, nanomodification and nanocharacterization of cementitious materials, sustainable infrastructural materials.

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