Adrian Brügger

Director, Carleton Laboratory
500 West 120th Street, MC 4709
608 S.W. Mudd Building
New York, NY 10027
Phone: +1.212.854.3158
Fax: +1.212.854.4084

Research Areas

Experimental mechanics of materials, structural health monitoring and damage detection, bridge cable corrosion, engineering problems using neutron diffraction, contact mechanics and friction.


B.S., 2004, Civil Engineering, Columbia University
M.S., 2005, Civil Engineering, Columbia University
Ph.D., 2017, Civil Engineering, Columbia University


C-14 Certificate of Fitness Holder
F-60 Certificate of Fitness Holder
CPR • First-Aid • AED Certified
Authorized Forklift Operator


Boundary Effects in the Eigenstrain Method. S.Y. Lee, S. Coratella, A. Brügger, B. Clausen, D. Brown, K. Langer, M.E. Fitzpatrick, I.C. Noyan.  Experimental Mechanics [IN PRESS]

Partitioning of Clamping Strains in a Nineteen Parallel Wire Strand. A. Brügger, S.Y. Lee, J.A.A. Mills, R. Betti, I.C. Noyan. Experimental Mechanics [DOI 10.1007/s11340-017-0276-0]

Designing and Validating Parallel Wire Suspension Bridge Wire Strands for Neutron Diffraction Stress Mapping. Brügger, A., S.Y. Lee, R. Betti, I.C. Noyan. 8th International Conference on Mechanical Stress Evaluation by Neutron & Synchrotron Radiation (MECA SENS) 2015, Grenoble, France

Neutron Diffraction Measurement of Stress Redistribution in Parallel Seven-Wire Strands after Local Fracture, F. Mei, I.C. Noyan, A. Brügger, R. Betti, B. Clausen, D. Brown, and T. Sisneros, Experimental Mechanics 53: 183-193 (2013)

Measurement of Strain/Load Transfer in Parallel Seven-wire Strands with Neutron Diffraction, I.C. Noyan, A. Brügger, R. Betti, and B. Clausen, Experimental Mechanics 50: 265-272 (2010)

Experimental studies on damage detection in frame structures using vibration measurements, G. Fraraccio, A. Brügger, and R. Betti, Shock and Vibration 17: 697-721 (2010)

Identification and Damage Detection in Structures Subjected to Base Excitation, G. Fraraccio, A. Brügger, and R. Betti 48: 521-528 (2008)



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